Megan’s Story

Photo courtesy of Hieu Phan

In 2008 young 11 year old Megan Maloney lost three family members to cancer in less than 12 months.  Megan’s father was about to launch an online travel business & Megan came to him w/ a revelation.

“Dad, is there a chance your new travel site could help raise money to help in the fight against cancer?” That was all it took. After some lengthy discussions & re-development w/ specialist, Charity Pro Travel was founded just in time to become a partner w/ Stand Up 2 Cancer. As word spread, Megan was contacted by local & national media, giving interviews to the likes of CNN & the Ellen Show. Her story including picture made the front page of the Travel/Entertainment section of the Los Angeles Times. Less than a month later she was off to L.A. for the live broadcast of the first Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon featuring over 100 celebrities & 40 entertainers.

Unfortunately, shortly after the launch, the economy took a turn & travel drastically plummeted. Coupled w/ Megan going back to school she had restricted availability & participation so the project has been on the shelf until June of 2017.  In 2014 cancer became the number one leading cause of death in the US.  Statistics show that 50% of males and 33% of females will be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime.

In 2017 w/ a healthy economy and a graduated Megan it is time to not let this dream die.  As a graduate of marketing & business Megan’s unfortunate story will now become her future to see the problem & work find the solution.  As a growing millennial population has a desire to inherently better the world she will help the collective have that opportunity one flight at a time.  Charity Pro Travel is fortunate to have become Powered by Priceline offering membership loyalty gifts & providing charities with 50% of earnings.