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Changing The World

Charity Pro Travel is a leading travel website focused on serving charities and bettering the world through travel!

SINGER KATY PERRY’S FATHER, KEITH HUDSON, is on the phone with his longtime friend, Brad Maloney, to tell Florida Weekly about a woman who inspires them both — not the famous Ms. Perry herself, although she inspires them, too. Instead, they’re talking about Megan Maloney, Brad’s oldest daughter, a woman who gives millennials a good name. And that’s just to start with.

Megan (shown in photo), 22, moved to Southwest Florida from her Illinois home with a new degree in marketing last year to join her dad and Keith Hudson in kicking off a business she helped conceive in 2008, Charity Pro Travel (

The company, nowadays partnering with Priceline, introduced a compelling new website last week. Customers buying tickets, renting hotel rooms and cars and cruises and anything travel related, not only find the lowest competitive prices but choose a charity. The company then donates half of its commissions to that charity.

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