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College Teen Launches Charity Travel Site


Nineteen year old Megan Maloney, founder of Charity Pro Travel, has announced the launch of, an international travel site that raises money for charities and organizations around the globe.

Every time a member books a hotel, rental car, cruise, airfare or resort vacation, they are helping their favorite charity. “It’s just that easy,” explains Megan. “You take the vacation, we make the donation, in your honor.”

The idea began as an “aha moment” at age 11. After losing family members to cancer, Megan went to her Dad with the thought of raising money for cancer research through travel. “We did a simple proof of concept test in 2008, but the timing and circumstances, combined with my age, just didn’t work, so we put it on the shelf until now,” says Megan.

With her continued passion to make a difference, Megan, a marketing student at Illinois Central College, has dusted off the project and has put together an impressive team. She first partnered with Keith Hudson, a family friend and father of pop star Katy Perry, as the CEO. “We love Keith. He has a huge heart and shares the passion to help others and make a difference,” says Megan. The next step was securing a travel partner. “We reached out to Priceline and within a week, we had a contract. They loved it,” explained Mr. Hudson. “We are just thrilled to be powered by the Priceline Partner Network, it is truly a blessing.”

Charity Pro Travel offers a revolutionary Fundraiser Program. Charities and organizations can now raise funds all year round by simply sharing a member code with friends, family, community, membership or donor base.

“There is just not an easier way to support your charity,” explains Megan. “Everybody travels. However, now you are helping kids with cancer, feeding those in homeless shelters, saving a pet, providing education or even funding the local youth sports program. People that normally don’t give or can’t afford to give, simply become philanthropists in their own right.”

In addition, Charity Pro Travel features a one of a kind “Loyalty Rewards Program” for their members. The member can earn free travel, hotel stays, merchandise, gift cards and more by earning rewards points with every booking. Members can also earn bonus points by sharing and interacting on social media.

“There is nothing like it,” adds Megan. “Why wouldn’t you book with Charity Pro Travel? You get the lowest priced travel, you earn free travel and most importantly, you help make a difference every single time.”

Charity Pro Travel donates up to 50% of the commission to the charity of your choice. Travel commission amounts vary based upon type of booking.

* photo credit - Alexa Rodriguez