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You Take The Vacation, We Make The Donation!

by Epaminondas Dimitriadis

How would you feel knowing that every time you book a hotel, rent a car, cruise, airfare or resort vacation 50% of the booking commission goes to the charity of your choice? Like someone who cares? Who makes an impact? Someone who can finally make a change in the world? If the answer is yes, then you should join Megan Maloney founder of Charity Pro Travel an international travel site powered by the Priceline Partner Network that raises money for charities and organizations around the globe.

Charity Pro Travel is based on an idea Megan Maloney had at age 11 after losing family members to cancer. As a marketing student at Illinois Central College she has dusted off the project and has put together an impressive team including CEO Keith Hudson, a family friend and father of pop star Katy Perry.

What part of Charity Pro Travel do you personally find more satisfying?

That’s easy to say, my biggest satisfaction comes from the donation aspect and knowing profits are going to a great cause. I also find great satisfaction that everyone in our company is giving their all to make a difference and to personally do some good in life. I just want to help people. I want to help those battling an illness, the homeless, youth groups or any charity or organization with a just cause. Importantly, I want to help those that also want to help and just have no outlet to do so or don’t know where to start.

…success to me is simply just helping people and making a difference.

That is the mission behind Charity Pro Travel; there is just not an easier way for people to help. Now, folks can join me in being someone who cares, someone who makes an impact, and someone who can make a change in the world. offers everyone a voice and a way to support these charities, its all added satisfaction for me.

More challenging?

The hardest part right now has to be the fact that I am still a full-time student, living on my own, working multiple part-time jobs, but still being able to still dedicate time and effort into the company. It’s a blessing that I have such an incredible team to help with my vision, so it isn’t all on me during this transitional stage in life!

What is most rewarding about charity fundraising; what makes it all worthwhile?

That feeling of accomplishment is awesome. It’s when you start to achieve your goals and realize that your dream is finally coming to fruition. As a new company, we have a lot of goals and milestones to achieve. I look forward to seeing faces light up when we deliver a check to a needy charity or hear a story about how our donation helped fund a mission trip, save a pet or provide housing for a veteran.

Success is also rewarding, however success is not about being rich or famous, success to me is simply just helping people and making a difference. You only get one life, and I want to do the most I can with it.

….you take the vacation, we make the donation!

What are the most critical problems faced by charity fundraising programs? How do you think these problems should be handled?

There is never a lack of creativity or ideas for fundraising. The problems charities have with most programs is finding the money to accomplish the mission, getting the word out, staffing, strategic planning, expectations and public trust. We have solved all of those problems with our Charity Partner Fundraising Program.

Charities and organizations can now raise funds all year round by simply sharing a member code with friends, family, community, membership or donor base. We provide the program and all of the social media support for the charity at no cost. It’s just that easy, you take the vacation, we make the donation!